The Best Acura Pedal Kits

Your Acura left the factory with two, if not three, pedals installed on the driver's side. The accelerator is the tall pedal to the right. You press it with your foot to make your engine go faster. The firmer the pressure you put on it, the harder your engine goes. That's what makes your car or SUV go faster. To the immediate left of the accelerator is a horizontal pedal. That's your brake pedal. You press that when you want your vehicle to slow down or come to a stop While your part in the braking process is rather simple, there's a lot more to it than that. Your pressure on the brake pedal tells the master brake cylinder to send brake fluid through the hoses and lines to the calipers. The pressure makes the calipers clamp your brake pads onto the brake rotors. That creates the resistance needed to slow your vehicle. Finally, if your Acura has a manual transmission you have a clutch to the left of the brakes. When you depress that pedal, it causes the engine and transmission to temporarily disengage. That makes it easy to change to the next gear.

Acura Pedal Kits Fit Your Model Best

Whether your pedals need repair or you're looking to upgrade to a stylish new look, check out the selection available in our online auto parts inventory. We only sell the genuine Acura pedal kits and parts that are designed for your vehicle., ensuring compatibility right out of the box. Order yours today and cross that task off your to-do list!

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